How to choose the color of a skirting board?

The plinth of the floor, at first glance, is a trifle, the choice of which few pay due attention. Nevertheless, the perception of the interior depends on this detail, because the impssion is created from small things.

First, we pay attention not to the shape or material of the skirting board, but to its color, so this parameter is always given the greatest importance.

There are several approaches to choosing the color of the plinth:

ü under the color of the flooring - the classic and most common method that allows the baseboard to merge with the floor. The probability of spoiling the interior is minimized, so the method is recommended to all those who fear daring contrasting decisions. It is allowed to use a plinth

ü for one or two shades lighter or darker than the floor covering. This option is great when the room uses a massive board, parquet, laminate or linoleum;

ü under the color of the walls. This option is possible only if the walls are painted or plastered in one color. It is advisable to choose a plinth already when the coating is applied and dried, otherwise you cannot guess with a shade;

ü under the color of the interior doors, but in this case the height of the plinth should be the same as the width of the door casing. Often this method is used when it is necessary to organically fit into the interior a door that does not blend in color with walls, furniture or floors. To get it very well, you can make the color of the window frame, doors and skirting board the same;

ü a contrasting hue that does not repeat the color of the flooring, nor the color of the walls, nor the color of the doors. To correctly combine, at first glance, incongruous shades, you must have a subtle sense of taste. You can take white plinth, which have recently been in high demand. As if it were there, it's better to create a project of the future interior in advance and try different shades in a special program. There are very easy to use programs.